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Though you may be browsing for taxidermy for sale, however, when we needed wood panels, etc. for taxidermy supplies, Wilson Enterprises was our go to spot. Located just a mile East of our location, check out the high quality bass wood ovals and white birch products below: 

Taxidermy For Sale


M & J


M & J Taxidermy is located in the heart of Upper Michigan "God's Country" and is easily located right on Highway 2 -41. Having been in business for more than 20 years you can rest knowing your trophy is in good hands.. However, taking in new customers is limited to inquires through email. Are you looking for a specific item? We can locate one of quality for you and let you know where you can find it. Email us with details. Our taxidermy for sale page will become quite active, fox, bear, coyotes, and many more will rotate frequently. We will have both our items and taxidermy items for sale on a various of other sites like amazon and ebay. We are affiliates and associates of both, however, this is a good way to know you are getting a quality piece.  There is no price increase on your end by being referred by us.

We strive to bring you the best by working with people we know who sell taxidermy items, keeping the quality of our own items high, and making sure the quality of what we offer from other just as high. When looking for taxidermy items for sale we should be your first stop. Our knowledge and creativity will give you a unique piece that will last a lifetime. Bookmark this page and visit often as our inventory will continue to grow . Look forward to doing business with the truly passionate people who love their wildlife.